About Dashbud

Q: What is Dashbud?
A: A largely free local Cameroon classifieds site.


Q: What can I find there?
A: Jobs, housing, goods, services, Vehicles, - just about anything really.


Q: Who runs dashbud?
A: Dashbud is run by a select group of Cameroonians.


Q: Is dashbud a nonprofit?
A: No, dashbud was founded with the intentions to become a "for-profit". However, our primary focus is providing a convenient and reliable service.


Q: How much traffic does dashbud get?
A: Dashbud has seen a significant and steady growth in traffic since it's creation.


Q: What languages does dashbud support?
A: English and French.


Q: How many employees does dashbud have, and where are its offices located?
A: Dashbud currently have about three team members, working from their base in the USA.


Q: Is dashbud hiring?
A: No! Dashbud is not currently seeking candidates for new opportunities.


Q: How many dashbud sites are there?
A: Just a single site.